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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Earn money by typing Captcha

Typing CAPTCHA  is the simplest online job that you can do from home at your leisure time. You could earn around 200$ (Rs.10, 000) a month by working in your free time.

 You could earn $1-$2 for 1000 CAPTCHA. If you are good at typing, you earn a lot by typing captcha. What you have to do is that you have to read the images code and simply type. Your earnings depend on the speed of your typing. (This work is most suitable for those who can type 40+ words a minute). Most of the captcha providing websites pay beginners a lesser amount, but once you have become a master in captcha typing you will be paid a greater amount per each captcha. Your account may get suspended if you type captcha wrongly and they still consider you as a beginner. 
You need to sign up with the companies who provide captcha entry work, login and then type the correct captcha image.
There are many scam sites or people who ask for a registration fee. It is recommended not to join such sites, where they offer captcha typing job.

Names and some important information of few trusted captcha entry sites are listed below

1- Captcha Typers
Captcha Typers is a trusted website in providing captcha typing work. You could earn $0.8 - $1.5 per 1000 images typed. You can request for payout once you reach 2$. You could do captcha typing work at a rate of $0.8 from 9 am - 9 pm and at a rate of $1.5 from 9 pm - 9 am.

2 - Kolotibablo
Kolotibablo is a worldwide captcha entry job provider. Some top workers of Kolotibablo earn $100 - $200 a month. They pay $ 0.35 - $1 for every correct 1000 captcha that you type. You can start working as soon as signup and login to your account. You should have an account either in payza or WebMoney to receive payment. This website is strict and bands your account if you make mistakes continuously.

3- MegaTypers
MegaTypers is free to join (no registration fee) and it is one of the top captcha work providers. New members could earn $0.45 per 1000 word images type and experienced people could earn $1.5 per 1000 word image typed. Some experienced and top captcha typers makes a monthly income $100 to $250 (Rs. 6000 - 15,000).
Payment is done through Bank cheque, Debit Cards, PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza, WebMoney and Western Union. It is simple to earn from MegaTypers, but you need an invitation code to sign up.
 Try this invitation code "3QDI" or "8R23" and if this code does not work then you can search Google for some other invitation code.

It is similar to the captcha typing job providers listed above. Payment is done through Payza, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

 This is little different from the above-mentioned website. Download the latest version of their software from their website, signup and work through their software. It is free to download their software. There are many people who are earning a good income working on captcha2Cash. You can receive payment your payment by Payaza and Perfect Money. You are paid $1 for every 1000 captcha images you type.

To work on QlinkGroup you have to download their software. Actually, it is free to get admin for QlinkGroup, but there are so many fake sites offering admin for QlinkGroup and asking money for it.

As compared to the sites mentioned above, you could earn even more. Captcha2Cash pay $1 to their users in typing 1000 text from captcha images. Solve complicated captcha to receive bonus points along with regular earnings. You can also earn from referring people to 2captcha. You can start earning from 2captcha once you signup and login to their website.
When someone is coming into your referral link and registering to 2captcha service, their database creates a record that this user has come to the system from your referral.
You can see the list of your referrals from your 2captcha dashboard. You can get 10% of your affiliate earning and 10% from a partner bought on the service. Referral earnings are not added instantly into your account; it is added into your account after a day.
Payment is done through PayPal, WebMoney, and Payza. Minimum cashout for PayPal is $5, Minimum for WebMoney is $0.5and for Payza it $1.

 VirtualBee provides captcha typing jobs and other data entry jobs also. It is one of the oldest company. It has been providing data entry jobs since 2001. Once you sign up, you will get a test for evaluation purpose. Test scores from 0 to 100 and you get works or task as per your score in the evaluation test.

Before start earning from FastTypers you have to verify your account, to get verified you have to send scanned copies of your  ID with photo and utility bills.

 (The registration is closed at present)

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