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Get Paid to test website from home

It is a major struggle for a website owners, to make sure their website is easy to navigate and to make sure visitors can easily find the content they are looking for. Website owners seek help from certain companies to customize their website so as to make it easy to navigate through the site. Lots of people work for such companies from home to make good earnings. You too can works as a Website Tester from home to make money.

A Website Tester is one who analyses a website and give their suggestions for ease-of-use. To work as a Website Tester some companies may require you to install software, which will record your activity and crawl your cache files. Website tester is one of the highly paid online jobs. You should be able to speak and write English (communication language of the company) so as to communicate your ideas and opinion of website.

Few tips that will help you to earn more

  • Testing website gives you a greater amount in a short time as compared to other online jobs. But the works available in each company that you work for are limited. Consider web testing as a leisure time gig. It would be better if you register with more than one website testing company rather than relying on single agency.

  • While working on with different web testing agencies you may get same websites to test or you may get a website which you have already visited. In such cases pretend as if you are visiting the webpage for first time and speak or review the website as new user would do.

  •  In some cases you may have to interact with the website owner. Website owner may ask questions to get feedback, give him feedbacks so as to improve his websites . Don't shut up and continue to answer his questions. In case of online video calling don't stutter and continue to talk.

We have collected some websites for you, that provides you website testing job. These are highly paying and legitimate website sites. These websites may not work in certain country. Most of the websites specified below are specific (they work in certain country only

UserTesting - This company pays their website testers $10 cash for every 10-15 minutes they work on for testing website. Webcam isn't necessary to work for UserTesting.

WhatUsersDo -  At present people from France, Germany, Netherland, Sweden, United Kingdom and United states can work for WhatUersDo, However people from other countries can register with this company to get notified when this company open a web testing portal opens in their country. This company pays $8 or more, It depends upon the provided task. It takes around 15 -20 minutes to test a provided website. You need a microphone to work for WhatUsersDo. You need a PayPal account to receive payment. 

Amazonmechanical turk - Amazonmechanical turk is a workplace for website testing. This is owned by a American company Amazon. They allow participants from all country to register with them. You can make money by working on HITs (Human Intelligence Task). You can work from home, choose your own work hour and get paid for doing work. There are always 0.6 million HITs waiting for you to make money. If you are an experienced worker or mechanical turk master requester pay you additional grant of money (bonus) for your good works. Even though there are lots of work, the money you could earn from mechanical turk may be bit less than the other websites and companies on this list.

Userlytics - Userlytics is wide popular agency that recruit online website testers to test web pages and sites. They pay $10 for each test you complete, however there are some tests that offer more than $10.Anyone can join Userlytics and it is completely free. It take about 20 minutes to complete each test and from each test you can earn a minimum amount of $10, but the number of tests available on  a week are limited in Userlytics . They will notify you whenever a work is available through your registered e-mail. It is recommended to complete your profile to get more invitations . All payments are done through PayPal (it is not necessary that your login email id and your PayPal account id should be the same ). Money is rewarded only when the client reviews and approves your test.
To work on with Userlytics you need -

  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Windows 7 or above (windows users)
  • MacOs 10.7.3 or newer
  • Recent version of java. (click here to download latest version of java)
User Test
User Test is also web testing company. Your review will be used to improve quality of websites. It is a legitimate website and User test pays their users in 2 days, but only 5% of their applicants are selected. They have users from 2,479 cities. User Test accept people from all around the world. It is quite difficult to join into User Test. To join into User Test you need to complete a sample test. To complete the test you need to download their software from Their software capture you screen while you are doing sample test. Make sure to  read the task properly, complete it and your review. once your account is approved you will get e-mails whenever a task is available. On an average they pay $10 for a 20 minute web testing. Once your test is approved you will receive payment in 2 days into your PayPal account.

  • Microphone
  • Laptop/desktop
  • PayPal account

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