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Earn from affiliation program

Affiliation program is a way of promoting market products and services. It is one among the hottest online jobs in India,USA, UK and Canada due to rapid increase online shopping. Most of the e-commerce sites (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc) have opened their own affiliation web portal to get their products sold. All you have to do is that,

register into their affiliation program and promote their products by placing banners or product link in your website or blog. You can earn 2% to 10% commission from each sale that happened by clicking banners or links that  you  have promoted. The coolest thing is that some affiliates have 30 day cookies, which means that you get commision of sale, even if your reader didn't bought that particular item on clicking your link but bought 20 days later.

  Where do you Sign up to be an Affiliate ?

  • Amazon Affiliate  (This is a link to global website of Amazon's affiliate program, Choose your country from this links to sign into affiliation programs in your country ).  Commission rates are well explained in their website . Commission rates are different from one country to another. You can work on Amazon's affiliate program even with blogs that have few audience. An affiliate get wide variety of products to promote.

  • ShareASale ShareASale is an American based affiliate marketing network headquartered at River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. Through ShareASale a merchant can get his products promoted and sold and a marketing affiliate can earn by promoting products banner and links. ShareASale will not approve blogs with few audience. Once you are member  you can start applying to the program of different advertiser. ShareASale provide real time tracking.

  • LinkShare LinkShare is an affiliate network owned by Rakuten. It is pretty good enough to join LinkShare. LinkShare is a also a  leading affiliate marketing network provider.

  • eBay Partner Network    eBay provide affiliates with resources to monetize their  social pages, webpages, mobile apps and other online properties to drive high-quality traffic to eBay. eBay provides 200% referral bonus for new or reactivated customers. 

  • CJ Affiliate   Anyone can join CJ Affiliate network, but that doesnt mean you get products to promote . An Affiliate must individually apply for each advertiser that he wanted to work for. Commission rate of a sale will be different for each advertisers. Here are few highly paying advertisers that  help an affiliate  to make handsome earnings -  Ann Taylor, Gap, American Eagle, Free people, Banana Republic, Expedia, Old Navy, Trip advisor, LOFT,, Sears Zappos, Kmart
  • Reward Style  RwardStyle claims they are the only platform that monetizes and measure the influence of  content on a mass scale, across  social networking and owned websites , powering affiliate compensation that is in -step with true brand retail influence. RewardStyle provide end to end monetization. 
Other  affiliate networks

  • ClickBank
  • Affiliate Window
  • SkimLinks
  • PepperJam Exchange
  • VigLink
  • Escalate Media Affiliate Network
  • Avantage
  • Impact Radius
  • iTunes's affiliate program
  • Shopstyle collective
  • Bonus 
  • Flipkart Affiliate  Flipkart Affiliate program is only  for affiliates from India. Through Flipkart affiliate program , you can promote the products  that are sold in their website. Commission rate of each products changes every month and they will notify you the change in commision rate beginning of each month. 
  • Snapdeal Affiliate  Snapdeal Affiliate program is only  for affiliates from India. 
  • Jabong Affiliate  Jabong Affiliate program is also only for affiliates from India. Unfortunately it isn't working now.  

Advantages of monetizing website through e-commerce affiliation program over Adsense
Your website or blog need lots of content (excluding images, videos, etc) to get approved by Adsense to place ads in your web pages, whereas there is no such minimum requirement to place promotion banner in your web pages.
While monetizing through Adsense a click earns a maximum of 0.02$. In case of affiliation program offered by e-commerce sites you can a earn a maximum of 20% as commission once a product is sold through your promotion banner. That is , if a product worth 10 $ is sold you get 2$ as commission.
 Adsense suspend your account if there is any invalid click (invalid click means  clicks or impression that is artificially done by the publisher to increase his earning by inflating an advertiser's cost). E-commerce sites don't suspend your account for invalid click because selling their product is their major concern.

Advantages of monetizing website through Adsense over e-commerce affiliation program
E-commerce affiliation program pays you only if a sale is done through your affiliate link and not by mere clicks, Adsense pay you once if user click your promotion ads.Adsense crawls users cache and puts more relevant live ads on your website, that there is a great probability in getting clicks to the ads.



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