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Earn from YouTube

You might have heard the stories of people making a regular income from YouTube. It is true that some people make thousands of dollar from YouTube. You too can get a regular income from YouTube, but there certain things which you have to do to earn from money. If you have a strong subscriber base you can easily get thousands of dollar from YouTube. In this post, we will help you to set up a YouTube channel, gain subscribers and to earn thousands of dollar.

1- Build your YouTube channel
To build up a YouTube channel first you need a google account, with your Google account you can access Google products.
You can directly upload videos into your YouTube account, But it is better to create a YouTube channel and upload videos into it.

click on to the creator studio
Once you have created a channel you can upload videos into your channel. YouTube let you create 50 channels for a single Google account. It is better to create different channels for different types of video rather than uploading all your captured into single YouTube channel.
  • Capture some good videos (videos can be of tutorials, related to gaming or health and fitness or any video that suits you better).
  • While uploading videos onto YouTube do not upload copyrighted articles. You can't earn from copyrighted articles.
  • Try to upload useful and relevant videos.

Monetize your video
In order to make earnings, you have to monetize your videos with Adsense. You can place Adsense ads in your video to increase your earnings. Uploading videos on YouTube isn't a creative outlet for millions of creators. Most of the creators are making living on YouTube. Today, there are lots of fraud people who try to re-upload original content to earn revenue from it. To solution to the above-mentioned problem they have introduced an easy option for anyone to report an impersonating channel and they have announced that a channel cannot be applied for YouTube partner program until the channel reaches a threshold of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.  After a creator hits a threshold of views they will review your channel against their policies. It is quite easy to attain 10,000 views if you follow their policies. Your AdSense account will be banned if you intend to upload copyright content after getting approved to place ads on your channel. It is permissible to upload videos with copyright content if you do not monetise them to make money.  "$" sign will be visible next to the video in video manager for those videos that are eligible for monetisation. Share videos in some other social networking websites to increase audience and earnings. You can watch your performance through analytics in channel dashboard.

let's see how to create multiple YouTube channel from a single Google account.

YouTube scan for copyright content in all videos that are being uploaded into them. Videos can be reuploaded after making some changes like changing its frame size, video and audio resolution to make money Since YouTube crawler cannot detect the similarities of such edited videos with the original content. However, a channel will be flagged when the real creator claims the ownership of the content used in a re-uploaded video. A channel can also be flagged for using copyrighted content when some other users report for fraudulent activity.

How to get subscribers?

creator's community
These are groups of mutually helping YouTube creators. Most of these groups use subs 4 subs strategy. Post your video link get likes, subscribers and watch time. In turn, give them the same. Click here for Whatsapp and Facebook groups to be a part of this community.

Paid subscribers
There are several websites those offers paid subscribers, likes and watch time. Some of these websites also have mutual beneficiary programs, in which they ask you to subscribe to certain YouTube channels, in turn, they would get subscribers for your channel (Maybe 1 subscriber for 10 channels you subscribe). Click here to know more.

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