Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Panel Station IND

The Panel Station is a worldwide survey community, But policies vary per region. In  PanelStation you get short surveys which could be completed easily. Even if you get screened out you will be credited with 10 - 50 points for attempting it.Their loyalty program offers 1000 points every month for keeping their App in your smartphone.
Earnings can be redeemed by purchasing tickets to sweepstakes or e-voucher (Amazon, Flipkart or through PayPal (100 points equals Rs.10).

 At present  PanelStation has closed its registration for new members, who are registering from their website. You can signup from their mobile App or through a tunnel link that let you into PanelStation hub.
click here to login to PanelStation through tunnel link. Use the referral code EA0E5B to get 500 PanelStation points

if that doesn't work copy the following link and paste it in the address bar