Friday, January 5, 2018

Survey Panels for Survey takers from India

Participating in online surveys are the best and the easiest way of making money online. You can make a monthly income of Rs.10000 -Rs.15000 by participating in online surveys. Just googling itself you can find lots of survey websites. Most of them are fake and some of them are legitimate. Some survey panel asks registration fee of Rs. 500 and more. When you Google to find survey website you may not get appropriate survey website. Wide Popular survey websites are restricted in certain countries like USA, Canada, China, United Kingdom, and Australia and so on.

Here are some survey websites and survey mobile apps that are most appropriate for Indian users. All the websites listed below are trustworthy and paying companies. It takes some time (5- 10 business days) to receive redemption, so please be patient enough to receive your redemption.


2- globaltestmarket

3- ThePanelStation

4- Cint surveys
CINT is a worldwide company that helps business organization and individuals involved in market research through their OpinionHub platform.  

Survey panels in OpnionHub  

There are over 1500 survey panels in OpinionHub, but unfortunately, most of the panels are restricted in specific countries only

Here are some survey panels that work in India:

After Logging into above-mentioned websites of Cint network, you can participate in surveys of all the above-mentioned websites through a single mobile app - OpinionApp. OpinionApp is available in ios and Android mobile platform.

This mobile application is now available in Google play store Apple iTunes app store

5- toluna

6- Opinionworld

7- Zippy Opinion

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