Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Triaba is a part of Cint market research network having survey panels in 55 countries. In Cint survey network Triaba has the highest number of survey panels in different countries, but they offer a very few surveys. You could hardly get 2 - 5 surveys a month (in some countries they offer more online surveys). Earnings can be redeemed through PayPal with a threshold of £ 4.00 (In some countries earnings are shown in the local currency). US residents can also redeem their earnings into Amazon Gift card. A panellist can participate in seasonal competitions or blog competitions to increase their earnings.

PayPal login email id and login email id of Triaba should be the same to transfer your earnings into PayPal. Your money will be transferred to your online account at PayPal within 1 to 4 business days. To complete the transaction you have to approve it in your PayPal account within 30 days. PayPal charges 2% handling fee for transferring money into your PayPal account. 

Since Triaba Surveys is a survey panel in Cint Network, you can participate in market surveys from your smartphone through their mobile App Opinion App. This App is now available at Google playstore and ios App store.

Country - They have panels in most of the countries

Payout - PayPal, Amazon gift cards (available for only USA residents)

Real cash - Can be redeemed through PayPal

Minimum Payout

PayPal - Most of the countries it is  £ 4.00.

Mobile App - Opinion App (now available at Google playstore and ios App store)

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