Thursday, December 21, 2017


e-Research-Global is a market research company, providing online surveys, hosting, data collection and affiliate programming. This company has been a market leader since 2003. It is free to join and they have panel members from 90+ countries and 35 countries. Earnings in e-Research panel can be redeemed through PayPal. You can make more money by participating in their referral program or registering with other survey sites partnered with them.

Cint is a survey giant with more than 100 survey sites working all over the world. Cint has partnered with e-research-Global and they together provide the survey in e-RG /Elite (don't get confused with e-RG). the e-Research-Global password is not same as e-RG/Elite password. Though it is partnered by Cint and e-Research-Global, it is managed by Cint. You can register in e-RG/Elite through e-research-Global or through the direct link ""

You can request for redemption once you have earned 100 points (£ 8.00). Earnings in e-RG/Elite can also be redeemed through PayPal. 

Since e-RG/Elite Surveys is a survey panel in Cint Network, you can participate in market surveys from your smartphone through their mobile App Opinion App. This App is now available at Google playstore and ios App store.

Country - They have panels in most of the countries

Payout - PayPal

Real cash - Can be redeemed through PayPal

Minimum Payout

PayPal - 100 points (£ 8.00).

Mobile App - Opinion App (now available at Google playstore and ios App store)

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