Saturday, October 21, 2017

Slidejoy : Get paid to unlock your phone

Slidejoy is an Application that pays, for displaying advertisements on lock screen! This App is only available for Android users. It can be downloaded from Google Playstore. This app does not make you rich, but you can make a small amount of money without spending much of your time. Slidejoy rewards you with carats for viewing ads on your lock screen. 

How it Works?

  1. Download this app from Google Playstore.
  2. Sign up an account with Slidejoy (joining through Facebook helps you to earn more).
  3. View ads that appear in your lock screen.
  • Slide right to unlock your lock screen to move into your home screen.
  • Slide left to get more details of the ad that appears on your lock screen.
  • Slide up to view more ads (more the ads you view, more the money you get).
Ads appear only if your smartphone is connected to the internet. Carats are rewarded only if you have a proper internet connection (it would be worthless to use this app if you do not have a proper internet connection). View more ads to collect more carats. Your earnings will be updated in few days and you can review how much you earned on a particular day. Continuously unlocking your phone will not help you instead, your account may get banned.
You need to collect a minimum of 2000 carats to redeem, which is equivalent to $2. You need to wait 3 months to receive your first payment. Payments are done of 15th of each month. It is possible to redeem your earnings through PayPal. You can also donate earning towards charity or redeem it into gift cards. 

Maximize your earning

  • Swipe on the ad left or right instead of bypassing the lock screen by clicking the home button ( you will not get any carats if you press home button)
  • Refer more friends to Slidejoy.
  • Joining through Facebook.
  • Cloning Slidejoy enables you to double your earning.

When you slide your lock screen (left or right) the app will try to learn your preference and try to show you relevant ads.

Cloning Slidejoy
Cloning Slidejoy enables you to double your earning. If you have a cloned Slidejoy in your mobile, you will get carats in your both Slidejoy account (regular and cloned account) for swiping lock screen. Some android mobiles have inbuilt cloning option ( Xiao MIUI 8 devices). In that case, go to your smartphone setting > Got to Dual App > Choose Slidejoy > Create a new account with Slidejoy in the cloned Slidejoy. 
If your android mobile does not have a Dual App option, no need to worry. You can clone Slidejoy using any of the cloning apps that available in Google Playstore. Parallel Space is a good app that enables you to clone an app in android platform.

Earlier this app was opened to only US residents, now this open works in most of the countries. This App is only available in the Android interface. If you are looking for quick cash this is not a right option for you. You need to wait 3 months to receive your first payment, but there is no need to spend time on Slidejoy to make money. This App will not consume much of your charge as it works only when you unlock your smartphone.



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