Saturday, October 21, 2017

ScreenPAY : cash at your fingertip

If you frequently unlock your android smartphone and want to make money from what you really do for unlocking your smartphone, ScreenPAY is for you. Make money from, what you really do.

  ScreenPAY is a free Android App (it is only available in an Android interface) that pays you for displaying ads on your lock screen. ScreenPAY is different from another screen lock apps is that you receive ads of your interest. For each ad, you view ScreenPAY gets commission and they transfer a small amount of their profit into your wallet.

How it works?
  1. Download ScreenPAY from Google Playstore. Click here to download ScreenPAY
  2. Sign up an account with ScreenPAY. Sign up with an email id which your PayPal is registered with. 
  3. Set your interest: You can choose the topics that interest, so that could receive ads that you prefer to see. ScreenPAY would like to show you targeted ads. Choosing more topics may enable you to earn more.
  4. When you see a deal or offer you like, drag the circle towards ScreenPAY logo to know more about it or you can slide the centre circle to right to unlock your smartphone.
  5. Get paid to unlock your smartphone.
ScreenPAY pays you $1 when you signup with them. ScreenPAY guarantee that they will pay you a minimum of $3.00 every month for using this app.  On an average, a user is expected to earn $7 - $10 every month. Clicking on ads will not increase your earnings. You may click ads when you find an ad that is relevant to you. The money credited to your account depends on how frequently you use your smartphone. Earnings can be redeemed into your PayPal account. $7.00 is the threshold amount required to request for payout. Your credits will be transferred from your ScreenPAY account to PayPal in 3 or 4 days.
Maximize your earnings
  • Refer your friends to ScreenPAY to get a bit more money. ScreenPAY pays you $3.00 for every 5 people you invite if they remain active for 30 days.
  • Referring friends is the only way to maximize your earning. However, you can download ScreenPAY in multiple devices in your household. One ScreenPAY account can be used only on one device. To have ScreenPAY on multiple devices you to need to have multiple PayPal account.
ScreenPAY is worth enough if you frequently use your smartphone (android). This App will not help you to make reliable income. However. It let you make money from what you do and you don't need to spend time in making money from this app. This app is restricted to only US residents and this works only on Android platform.



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