Monday, October 23, 2017

Do you have creative skill?

If you are creative, If you are a designer this post is for you. In this post, we have introduced few websites which provide online jobs in designing and editing. It is possible to make a great income from these websites by sitting at your home. You could earn $1-$100 for a single task, but this is not easy as those online jobs mentioned in earlier post.

Some of the most trusted websites are listed below.

1- ENVATO (recommended for professionals)

Envato is the most trusted online design job providers. Only highly skilled workers can earn from Envato. Online jobs include making of website template, coding, motion graphics, stock photography, vector art etc.,.Envato is a middleman between seller and buyer. You could either sell your design or design according to the buyer’s desire. If you are selling you could sell it for a small amount, but your earning increase as more number of that product is sold. If you are designing for buyers need, it would be bought for a higher amount but there may be lots of designers doing the same task. Buyers buy the best one out of it. The website has modular marketing sites for different tasks. You can access all modular sites of Envato from a single Envato account. Selling copyrighted products are strictly obstructed. When your earning balance reaches minimum payout amount you can withdraw money through PayPal, SWIFT or Payoneer or you can use that money to buy products from Envato market. The minimum payout amount is $50. Payment is made once a month. 

It includes coding and programming jobs. You can code your own program and sell through codecanyon or you can do the given task. Buyers post their required code or program in codecanyon, you have to do the task in a manner to satisfy the buyer. There may be lots of participants for each task, Buyers buy the best one.  Jobs include PHP script, JavaScript, Mobile apps, HTML 5, Skins, Plugins, CSS, etc. If you have a great skill in programming and coding, this is the best one for you.

It includes website template designing, blogger templates, WordPress template, etc. You can make your own template and sell through Themeforest or you have to make template according to the buyer’s desire.

Videohive is mainly related to video effects and editing. It includes intro video making, stock footage, video effects and editing. You can sell your after effects project file, Apple motion templates, motion graphics, etc. or may do tasks as recommended by the buyer. If you are a professional in adobe after effects this is the best one for you.

You can sell your audio tracks, tunes, sound effects, music source files. You could sell and earn from all sorts of stuff related to audio.

Graficriver is all about fonts, logos and icons, PowerPoint templates and Vector art. You could make PowerPoint templates and fonts (in any language) of your desire and sell through it. In most cases, buyers won't buy logos made to your desire. Usually, buyers post details of their company and product and ask designers to make a logo that suits their product well. The logo has to be made according to their rules (colour, dimension, etc.). You have to submit the vector and source file.

Photodune is a feature that enables you to earn from your captured photos and video. Capture photos of different categories like architecture, business, sports, people etc. and upload it to Photodune and sell all your captured images.

It is most suitable for professional designers in Auto Cad or 3D max. It includes 3D designs (cars, Engines and parts, anatomy, animals, building and architecture, deco objects, design elements, base mesh, etc.) HDRI images and CG designs.

2- Fiverr
 Join Fiverr to get earning ranging from 5$-10$ for a single task

If you have a creative skill you can join Fiverr to get earnings. There are lots of works waiting for you on Fiverr. You can earn from the skill that you have. It is most suitable for college students to make money by sitting at home without any investment. They provide jobs in various fields.
They provide jobs in the field of:
1- Graphics and designing - graphics and designing includes cartoon & caricature, logo design, illustration, Book covers and packaging, Photoshop editing, Flyers and posters, Business cards & stationery, banner Ads, social media design, 3D and 2D models, Web and mobile design, presentation & infographics, invitations, T-shirt designs and Vector tracing.

2- Digital Marketing - It includes Web analytics, domain research, SEO, social media marketing, web traffic, video advertising, content marketing, email marketing, SEM, local listing, influencer marketing, marketing strategy, mobile advertising. This is the easiest way of making earnings. College students and school students as well can make a small earning during their leisure time from digital marketing

3- Writing and translation - It is suitable for those who love to write articles, you could work on article and blog posts, creative writing, press releases, research and summaries, proofreading and editing. You could also earn by translating and transcription. There are lot more unskilled writers - business copywriting, Resumes and cover letter and legal writing.
4- Music and audio - You can work on with songwriting, making sound effects, mixing & mastering. If you are a good singer or songwriter this is the best one for you.

5- Programming and tech - These are recommended for those who have skills in programming and coding. You can earn by making mobile apps, Website Templates, and Desktop application. You can also earn by Data analysis and report, User testing, Database, building up a website and converting files.

7- Advertising -  It involves all related to promoting and advertising products, including banner advertisement, music promotion, outdoor advertising, pet models, and so on..

8- Video and animation - It is most suitable for those who know adobe after effects or who have skills in editing video and making up animated clips. It includes making Intros and animated logos, animated characters and modelling, editing and post-production and video greetings.

There are much more offers waiting for you at Fiverr, So join Fiverr now to get earning by just sitting at your home.

3- 99Designs

99Designs is also a middleman between sellers and buyers. In 99designs you could browse works posted by others and participate in that contest. The best one in the contest are selected and are paid. It includes making logos, T-shirt design, Book cover, Website template, car wrap design and business cards. You can earn 20$ - 1000 $ for your single work. If you could become one among their esteemed designers you could get more clients and earn more. Payments are done through PayPal, Bitcoins and Payza.

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