Thursday, October 26, 2017

CINT : A platform for market research and online survey

CINT is a worldwide company that helps business organization and individuals involved in market research through their OpinionHub platform. 
Cint can offer more surveys to their users since many online surveys panels collaborate with them.

OpinionHub is a unique platform where Cint integrate all its client to conduct market surveys for their firm or product. OpinionHub has over 15+ million respondent over 60 countries. It mainly concentrates on Europe, North America and central Asia. Over 1500 survey panels partner with OpinionHub (but most of them are restricted in a specific country since they need opinions of certain countries only). Daily 40,000 surveys are completed every day and over 20,000 new members join this community every day.

OpinionApp is a mobile application developed by Cint AB, It is a single window where you can participate in surveys of all panels that are integrated with OpnionHub. With this mobile application, you can only participate in a survey, you cannot redeem earnings or make changes in the profile of your survey panel with this App (all those things has to be done in panels main website itself). You will be notified when a survey matches you.  It is necessary that you should log into OpinionApp with same login email id of your survey panels to make it available in the single window.
This mobile application is now available in Google play store Apple iTunes app store
Why use OpinionApp?
This mobile App notifies you whenever a survey in your panel site matches you. You don't need to log into your survey panel to participate in surveys. You can access all your survey panel in Cint network in a single window.
In App reviews you can see that this App has low survey frequency or this App doesn't provide any survey to participate. Survey frequency depends on the number of survey panel you take membership. Surveys increases by becoming a member of different survey panels in OpinionHub

Survey panels in OpnionHub 

There are over 1500 survey panels in OpnionHub, but unfortunately, most of the panels are restricted in specific countries only

Here are some survey panels that work in India 
5- Triaba
7- Pollbuzzer (we are not sure about the credibility of this survey panel)
8- Future Talkers
Future Talkers is a market research company Owned by InSites Consulting, It is one of the top 10 most innovative market research agency. Future Talkers integrates with Cint network, But Future Talkers do not work on OpinionApp (Mobile App powered by Cint). Future Talker sends you an email invitation to participate in their research surveys. 
Here are some wide popular survey panels in OpinionHub but unfortunately, these don't work in India
    Crowdology (UK)
    CFS panel (UK and USA)
    Hiving (most of the countries)
    Response Panel (UK)



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