Monday, October 23, 2017

Bing rewards

Everyone surf internet, everyone loves to use the internet. Why not make money something you really do? (This post isn't for you if you are a Google lover)

Bing rewards is actually a loyal program offered by Microsoft. Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. They offer rewards in using their products especially Bing search engine. It may not be the best way to become rich but a liable way to make a small amount of money for Bing users. Bing rewards is free to join and there is no need to waste time to get rewards. It is now available in America and hopes to get it soon in other countries. 

How it works?
You can become a Bing Reward member when you sign up for an account with Microsoft. You can either install Bing search toolbar or directly go to Bing and search there. As long as you are logged in you get credits for performing searches. Bing rewards mainly focus on giving credits for using Bing and increasing its traffic. However, they also give rewards for using other Microsoft products and shopping from windows store.
Earn more points and enter into higher member level to receive additional credits and benefits.

Standard member -
This is the basic level and you get points for surfing the internet with Bing. There are restrictions in how many points you can earn a day. Daily a standard member can earn a maximum of 15 points by surfing the internet from your PC and an additional 10 for searching from mobile. A standard member can also earn few points from the daily task they offer.

 Silver member -  On achieving 200 points a standard member can enter into silver level. Silver level is almost similar to the standard level, a standard member gets a bonus of 50 points on entering into the silver level.

Gold member - Entering into gold level enables you to earn more loyal points. Achieving 750 points enables you to become a Gold member. A gold member can earn 30 points per day by searching the internet and additional 10 for surfing internet from mobile. A gold member gets 10 per cent discount in redeeming their products. For example, a standard member needs to spend 525 points to redeem a gift card of worth $ 5, whereas a gold member needs to spend only 475 points to redeem the same gift card.


Each point is equivalent to $0.01. There are several redemption options available in Bing Rewards. When you have accumulated enough points for, you can request for redemption. You can redeem your points into gift cards and there isn't any option to redeem your points into real cash (PayPal). 

Gift card: StarBucks, Xbox Live, Amazon, Burger King and many more (gift card are available from $5 and onward).

Charity Donation:  You can also donate your earnings towards charity.

Sweepstakes: On winning sweepstakes you get a huge amount of money. Accumulating few points let you enter into sweepstakes contest, but much less likely to win

This isn't a way to become rich, but this loyal program helps you to make a small amount of money without wasting any time. It is free and all you have to do is to use Bing to search internet instead of other search engines. 

Bing Rewards do not give actual money and it takes time to get accumulate points equivalent to $5 - But if you are an active user of Bing, this may be worth enough. 

Currently Bing Rewards is available for only US residents, however, non-US residents can participate in Bing Rewards loyal program using VPN. Turbo VPN is a powerful VPN tool in Android smartphones and it is available in Google store. For tunnelling PC we recommend you to use Hammer VPN. 



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