Friday, October 20, 2017

5 Apps that pays you for doing nothing

It would be awesome if someone pays you for doing nothing.  If you are waiting for such opportunity this post is for you. Here, we have collected some mobile Apps that give you money for doing nothing. All you have to do is to install the App on your mobile phone. It sounds weird, isn't it? 

It is true that these mobile Apps pay you for doing nothing. (This post  mainly focus on US residents)

1- Smart Panel
Everyone uses the internet, why not get paid for what you do?

Smart Panel monitor their user’s internet activities.  They pay you for what you do on the internet. There is no need to use any specific browser or search engine to get rewards. Today so many people participate in online surveys to make money but users give fake data to make money. User motorization is similar to a market research survey. It avoids fraudulent activities that arise in a market survey. Smart Panel record the pages you visit, the post you thumb up, the post you share. This application can be downloaded in mobile tablet and PC. You need to qualify a short survey to earn Smart Panel. 

  • Once you get qualified you get $5.
  • You will receive another $5 after installing this app and using it for 2 weeks. 
  • After this, you get $5 every month (sometimes you will also get some bonus rewards).
  •  You will receive $110 after 12 months then $170 after 18 months and finally, after using it for 24 months you will receive $230.

 Use internet in a way how you use it, this will App run in the background. This loyalty program works in India, United States, UK and Germany. This app will not drain out your battery.

2- Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards is a loyal program offered by Microsoft. Bing pays you for using Bing as your search engine. The also give rewards in using Microsoft products. Kindly read Bing rewards to know more about it.

3- Media Insiders
Media Insiders is similar to Smart Panel. It is owned by Symphony Advanced Media, they do research on how people use the internet. This app can be downloaded in android and ios platform, it can also be downloaded into kindle that supports microphone. This App is open to only US residents. Media insider monitors your internet activity, media behaviour and the use of social networking sites. Media Insider panel rewards you with gift cards worth $15 every month for running this app in your smartphone. You will also get entries to weekly sweepstakes of $25, monthly sweepstakes of $100 and quarterly of $10k. You can redeem gift cards of worth $5 with just 500 points. It is also possible to redeem points into real cash. With 2500 points you redeem it into PayPal cash. Add more devices to earn more, each household can have a maximum of 1 registered PC and 3 smartphones. You get $5 for each device you add and a bonus of $5 after using it for 12 weeks. It is also possible to earn from referrals. This app is worth enough for those who regularly watch online TV. An active user can earn $150 every year. There is no need to waste time to make money using this app, this app runs in the background. 

4- Slidejoy
Slidejoy is an app that enables you to make money by displaying ads on your lock screen. This App is only available in the Android interface. Read Slidejoy to know more about it.

5- ScreenPAY
ScreenPAY is a free android app that pays to display deals and offers on the lock screen. This app is open to only US residents. You can choose the topics that interest you to receive ads that are relevant to you. Read ScreenPAY to know more about it.

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