Thursday, October 26, 2017

CINT : A platform for market research and online survey

CINT is a worldwide company that helps business organization and individuals involved in market research through their OpinionHub platform. 
Cint can offer more surveys to their users since many online surveys panels collaborate with them.

OpinionHub is a unique platform where Cint integrate all its client to conduct market surveys for their firm or product. OpinionHub has over 15+ million respondent over 60 countries. It mainly concentrates on Europe, North America and central Asia. Over 1500 survey panels partner with OpinionHub (but most of them are restricted in a specific country since they need opinions of certain countries only). Daily 40,000 surveys are completed every day and over 20,000 new members join this community every day.

OpinionApp is a mobile application developed by Cint AB, It is a single window where you can participate in surveys of all panels that are integrated with OpnionHub. With this mobile application, you can only participate in a survey, you cannot redeem earnings or make changes in the profile of your survey panel with this App (all those things has to be done in panels main website itself). You will be notified when a survey matches you.  It is necessary that you should log into OpinionApp with same login email id of your survey panels to make it available in the single window.
This mobile application is now available in Google play store Apple iTunes app store
Why use OpinionApp?
This mobile App notifies you whenever a survey in your panel site matches you. You don't need to log into your survey panel to participate in surveys. You can access all your survey panel in Cint network in a single window.
In App reviews you can see that this App has low survey frequency or this App doesn't provide any survey to participate. Survey frequency depends on the number of survey panel you take membership. Surveys increases by becoming a member of different survey panels in OpinionHub

Survey panels in OpnionHub 

There are over 1500 survey panels in OpnionHub, but unfortunately, most of the panels are restricted in specific countries only

Here are some survey panels that work in India 
5- Triaba
7- Pollbuzzer (we are not sure about the credibility of this survey panel)
8- Future Talkers
Future Talkers is a market research company Owned by InSites Consulting, It is one of the top 10 most innovative market research agency. Future Talkers integrates with Cint network, But Future Talkers do not work on OpinionApp (Mobile App powered by Cint). Future Talker sends you an email invitation to participate in their research surveys. 
Here are some wide popular survey panels in OpinionHub but unfortunately, these don't work in India
    Crowdology (UK)
    CFS panel (UK and USA)
    Hiving (most of the countries)
    Response Panel (UK)


Monday, October 23, 2017

Do you have creative skill?

If you are creative, If you are a designer this post is for you. In this post, we have introduced few websites which provide online jobs in designing and editing. It is possible to make a great income from these websites by sitting at your home. You could earn $1-$100 for a single task, but this is not easy as those online jobs mentioned in earlier post.

Some of the most trusted websites are listed below.

1- ENVATO (recommended for professionals)

Envato is the most trusted online design job providers. Only highly skilled workers can earn from Envato. Online jobs include making of website template, coding, motion graphics, stock photography, vector art etc.,.Envato is a middleman between seller and buyer. You could either sell your design or design according to the buyer’s desire. If you are selling you could sell it for a small amount, but your earning increase as more number of that product is sold. If you are designing for buyers need, it would be bought for a higher amount but there may be lots of designers doing the same task. Buyers buy the best one out of it. The website has modular marketing sites for different tasks. You can access all modular sites of Envato from a single Envato account. Selling copyrighted products are strictly obstructed. When your earning balance reaches minimum payout amount you can withdraw money through PayPal, SWIFT or Payoneer or you can use that money to buy products from Envato market. The minimum payout amount is $50. Payment is made once a month. 

It includes coding and programming jobs. You can code your own program and sell through codecanyon or you can do the given task. Buyers post their required code or program in codecanyon, you have to do the task in a manner to satisfy the buyer. There may be lots of participants for each task, Buyers buy the best one.  Jobs include PHP script, JavaScript, Mobile apps, HTML 5, Skins, Plugins, CSS, etc. If you have a great skill in programming and coding, this is the best one for you.

It includes website template designing, blogger templates, WordPress template, etc. You can make your own template and sell through Themeforest or you have to make template according to the buyer’s desire.

Videohive is mainly related to video effects and editing. It includes intro video making, stock footage, video effects and editing. You can sell your after effects project file, Apple motion templates, motion graphics, etc. or may do tasks as recommended by the buyer. If you are a professional in adobe after effects this is the best one for you.

You can sell your audio tracks, tunes, sound effects, music source files. You could sell and earn from all sorts of stuff related to audio.

Graficriver is all about fonts, logos and icons, PowerPoint templates and Vector art. You could make PowerPoint templates and fonts (in any language) of your desire and sell through it. In most cases, buyers won't buy logos made to your desire. Usually, buyers post details of their company and product and ask designers to make a logo that suits their product well. The logo has to be made according to their rules (colour, dimension, etc.). You have to submit the vector and source file.

Photodune is a feature that enables you to earn from your captured photos and video. Capture photos of different categories like architecture, business, sports, people etc. and upload it to Photodune and sell all your captured images.

It is most suitable for professional designers in Auto Cad or 3D max. It includes 3D designs (cars, Engines and parts, anatomy, animals, building and architecture, deco objects, design elements, base mesh, etc.) HDRI images and CG designs.

2- Fiverr
 Join Fiverr to get earning ranging from 5$-10$ for a single task

If you have a creative skill you can join Fiverr to get earnings. There are lots of works waiting for you on Fiverr. You can earn from the skill that you have. It is most suitable for college students to make money by sitting at home without any investment. They provide jobs in various fields.
They provide jobs in the field of:
1- Graphics and designing - graphics and designing includes cartoon & caricature, logo design, illustration, Book covers and packaging, Photoshop editing, Flyers and posters, Business cards & stationery, banner Ads, social media design, 3D and 2D models, Web and mobile design, presentation & infographics, invitations, T-shirt designs and Vector tracing.

2- Digital Marketing - It includes Web analytics, domain research, SEO, social media marketing, web traffic, video advertising, content marketing, email marketing, SEM, local listing, influencer marketing, marketing strategy, mobile advertising. This is the easiest way of making earnings. College students and school students as well can make a small earning during their leisure time from digital marketing

3- Writing and translation - It is suitable for those who love to write articles, you could work on article and blog posts, creative writing, press releases, research and summaries, proofreading and editing. You could also earn by translating and transcription. There are lot more unskilled writers - business copywriting, Resumes and cover letter and legal writing.
4- Music and audio - You can work on with songwriting, making sound effects, mixing & mastering. If you are a good singer or songwriter this is the best one for you.

5- Programming and tech - These are recommended for those who have skills in programming and coding. You can earn by making mobile apps, Website Templates, and Desktop application. You can also earn by Data analysis and report, User testing, Database, building up a website and converting files.

7- Advertising -  It involves all related to promoting and advertising products, including banner advertisement, music promotion, outdoor advertising, pet models, and so on..

8- Video and animation - It is most suitable for those who know adobe after effects or who have skills in editing video and making up animated clips. It includes making Intros and animated logos, animated characters and modelling, editing and post-production and video greetings.

There are much more offers waiting for you at Fiverr, So join Fiverr now to get earning by just sitting at your home.

3- 99Designs

99Designs is also a middleman between sellers and buyers. In 99designs you could browse works posted by others and participate in that contest. The best one in the contest are selected and are paid. It includes making logos, T-shirt design, Book cover, Website template, car wrap design and business cards. You can earn 20$ - 1000 $ for your single work. If you could become one among their esteemed designers you could get more clients and earn more. Payments are done through PayPal, Bitcoins and Payza.

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Bing rewards

Everyone surf internet, everyone loves to use the internet. Why not make money something you really do? (This post isn't for you if you are a Google lover)

Bing rewards is actually a loyal program offered by Microsoft. Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. They offer rewards in using their products especially Bing search engine. It may not be the best way to become rich but a liable way to make a small amount of money for Bing users. Bing rewards is free to join and there is no need to waste time to get rewards. It is now available in America and hopes to get it soon in other countries. 

How it works?
You can become a Bing Reward member when you sign up for an account with Microsoft. You can either install Bing search toolbar or directly go to Bing and search there. As long as you are logged in you get credits for performing searches. Bing rewards mainly focus on giving credits for using Bing and increasing its traffic. However, they also give rewards for using other Microsoft products and shopping from windows store.
Earn more points and enter into higher member level to receive additional credits and benefits.

Standard member -
This is the basic level and you get points for surfing the internet with Bing. There are restrictions in how many points you can earn a day. Daily a standard member can earn a maximum of 15 points by surfing the internet from your PC and an additional 10 for searching from mobile. A standard member can also earn few points from the daily task they offer.

 Silver member -  On achieving 200 points a standard member can enter into silver level. Silver level is almost similar to the standard level, a standard member gets a bonus of 50 points on entering into the silver level.

Gold member - Entering into gold level enables you to earn more loyal points. Achieving 750 points enables you to become a Gold member. A gold member can earn 30 points per day by searching the internet and additional 10 for surfing internet from mobile. A gold member gets 10 per cent discount in redeeming their products. For example, a standard member needs to spend 525 points to redeem a gift card of worth $ 5, whereas a gold member needs to spend only 475 points to redeem the same gift card.


Each point is equivalent to $0.01. There are several redemption options available in Bing Rewards. When you have accumulated enough points for, you can request for redemption. You can redeem your points into gift cards and there isn't any option to redeem your points into real cash (PayPal). 

Gift card: StarBucks, Xbox Live, Amazon, Burger King and many more (gift card are available from $5 and onward).

Charity Donation:  You can also donate your earnings towards charity.

Sweepstakes: On winning sweepstakes you get a huge amount of money. Accumulating few points let you enter into sweepstakes contest, but much less likely to win

This isn't a way to become rich, but this loyal program helps you to make a small amount of money without wasting any time. It is free and all you have to do is to use Bing to search internet instead of other search engines. 

Bing Rewards do not give actual money and it takes time to get accumulate points equivalent to $5 - But if you are an active user of Bing, this may be worth enough. 

Currently Bing Rewards is available for only US residents, however, non-US residents can participate in Bing Rewards loyal program using VPN. Turbo VPN is a powerful VPN tool in Android smartphones and it is available in Google store. For tunnelling PC we recommend you to use Hammer VPN. 


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Slidejoy : Get paid to unlock your phone

Slidejoy is an Application that pays, for displaying advertisements on lock screen! This App is only available for Android users. It can be downloaded from Google Playstore. This app does not make you rich, but you can make a small amount of money without spending much of your time. Slidejoy rewards you with carats for viewing ads on your lock screen. 

How it Works?

  1. Download this app from Google Playstore.
  2. Sign up an account with Slidejoy (joining through Facebook helps you to earn more).
  3. View ads that appear in your lock screen.
  • Slide right to unlock your lock screen to move into your home screen.
  • Slide left to get more details of the ad that appears on your lock screen.
  • Slide up to view more ads (more the ads you view, more the money you get).
Ads appear only if your smartphone is connected to the internet. Carats are rewarded only if you have a proper internet connection (it would be worthless to use this app if you do not have a proper internet connection). View more ads to collect more carats. Your earnings will be updated in few days and you can review how much you earned on a particular day. Continuously unlocking your phone will not help you instead, your account may get banned.
You need to collect a minimum of 2000 carats to redeem, which is equivalent to $2. You need to wait 3 months to receive your first payment. Payments are done of 15th of each month. It is possible to redeem your earnings through PayPal. You can also donate earning towards charity or redeem it into gift cards. 

Maximize your earning

  • Swipe on the ad left or right instead of bypassing the lock screen by clicking the home button ( you will not get any carats if you press home button)
  • Refer more friends to Slidejoy.
  • Joining through Facebook.
  • Cloning Slidejoy enables you to double your earning.

When you slide your lock screen (left or right) the app will try to learn your preference and try to show you relevant ads.

Cloning Slidejoy
Cloning Slidejoy enables you to double your earning. If you have a cloned Slidejoy in your mobile, you will get carats in your both Slidejoy account (regular and cloned account) for swiping lock screen. Some android mobiles have inbuilt cloning option ( Xiao MIUI 8 devices). In that case, go to your smartphone setting > Got to Dual App > Choose Slidejoy > Create a new account with Slidejoy in the cloned Slidejoy. 
If your android mobile does not have a Dual App option, no need to worry. You can clone Slidejoy using any of the cloning apps that available in Google Playstore. Parallel Space is a good app that enables you to clone an app in android platform.

Earlier this app was opened to only US residents, now this open works in most of the countries. This App is only available in the Android interface. If you are looking for quick cash this is not a right option for you. You need to wait 3 months to receive your first payment, but there is no need to spend time on Slidejoy to make money. This App will not consume much of your charge as it works only when you unlock your smartphone.


ScreenPAY : cash at your fingertip

If you frequently unlock your android smartphone and want to make money from what you really do for unlocking your smartphone, ScreenPAY is for you. Make money from, what you really do.

  ScreenPAY is a free Android App (it is only available in an Android interface) that pays you for displaying ads on your lock screen. ScreenPAY is different from another screen lock apps is that you receive ads of your interest. For each ad, you view ScreenPAY gets commission and they transfer a small amount of their profit into your wallet.

How it works?
  1. Download ScreenPAY from Google Playstore. Click here to download ScreenPAY
  2. Sign up an account with ScreenPAY. Sign up with an email id which your PayPal is registered with. 
  3. Set your interest: You can choose the topics that interest, so that could receive ads that you prefer to see. ScreenPAY would like to show you targeted ads. Choosing more topics may enable you to earn more.
  4. When you see a deal or offer you like, drag the circle towards ScreenPAY logo to know more about it or you can slide the centre circle to right to unlock your smartphone.
  5. Get paid to unlock your smartphone.
ScreenPAY pays you $1 when you signup with them. ScreenPAY guarantee that they will pay you a minimum of $3.00 every month for using this app.  On an average, a user is expected to earn $7 - $10 every month. Clicking on ads will not increase your earnings. You may click ads when you find an ad that is relevant to you. The money credited to your account depends on how frequently you use your smartphone. Earnings can be redeemed into your PayPal account. $7.00 is the threshold amount required to request for payout. Your credits will be transferred from your ScreenPAY account to PayPal in 3 or 4 days.
Maximize your earnings
  • Refer your friends to ScreenPAY to get a bit more money. ScreenPAY pays you $3.00 for every 5 people you invite if they remain active for 30 days.
  • Referring friends is the only way to maximize your earning. However, you can download ScreenPAY in multiple devices in your household. One ScreenPAY account can be used only on one device. To have ScreenPAY on multiple devices you to need to have multiple PayPal account.
ScreenPAY is worth enough if you frequently use your smartphone (android). This App will not help you to make reliable income. However. It let you make money from what you do and you don't need to spend time in making money from this app. This app is restricted to only US residents and this works only on Android platform.


Friday, October 20, 2017

5 Apps that pays you for doing nothing

It would be awesome if someone pays you for doing nothing.  If you are waiting for such opportunity this post is for you. Here, we have collected some mobile Apps that give you money for doing nothing. All you have to do is to install the App on your mobile phone. It sounds weird, isn't it? 

It is true that these mobile Apps pay you for doing nothing. (This post  mainly focus on US residents)

1- Smart Panel
Everyone uses the internet, why not get paid for what you do?

Smart Panel monitor their user’s internet activities.  They pay you for what you do on the internet. There is no need to use any specific browser or search engine to get rewards. Today so many people participate in online surveys to make money but users give fake data to make money. User motorization is similar to a market research survey. It avoids fraudulent activities that arise in a market survey. Smart Panel record the pages you visit, the post you thumb up, the post you share. This application can be downloaded in mobile tablet and PC. You need to qualify a short survey to earn Smart Panel. 

  • Once you get qualified you get $5.
  • You will receive another $5 after installing this app and using it for 2 weeks. 
  • After this, you get $5 every month (sometimes you will also get some bonus rewards).
  •  You will receive $110 after 12 months then $170 after 18 months and finally, after using it for 24 months you will receive $230.

 Use internet in a way how you use it, this will App run in the background. This loyalty program works in India, United States, UK and Germany. This app will not drain out your battery.

2- Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards is a loyal program offered by Microsoft. Bing pays you for using Bing as your search engine. The also give rewards in using Microsoft products. Kindly read Bing rewards to know more about it.

3- Media Insiders
Media Insiders is similar to Smart Panel. It is owned by Symphony Advanced Media, they do research on how people use the internet. This app can be downloaded in android and ios platform, it can also be downloaded into kindle that supports microphone. This App is open to only US residents. Media insider monitors your internet activity, media behaviour and the use of social networking sites. Media Insider panel rewards you with gift cards worth $15 every month for running this app in your smartphone. You will also get entries to weekly sweepstakes of $25, monthly sweepstakes of $100 and quarterly of $10k. You can redeem gift cards of worth $5 with just 500 points. It is also possible to redeem points into real cash. With 2500 points you redeem it into PayPal cash. Add more devices to earn more, each household can have a maximum of 1 registered PC and 3 smartphones. You get $5 for each device you add and a bonus of $5 after using it for 12 weeks. It is also possible to earn from referrals. This app is worth enough for those who regularly watch online TV. An active user can earn $150 every year. There is no need to waste time to make money using this app, this app runs in the background. 

4- Slidejoy
Slidejoy is an app that enables you to make money by displaying ads on your lock screen. This App is only available in the Android interface. Read Slidejoy to know more about it.

5- ScreenPAY
ScreenPAY is a free android app that pays to display deals and offers on the lock screen. This app is open to only US residents. You can choose the topics that interest you to receive ads that are relevant to you. Read ScreenPAY to know more about it.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Earn money by typing Captcha

Typing CAPTCHA  is the simplest online job that you can do from home at your leisure time. You could earn around 200$ (Rs.10, 000) a month by working in your free time.

 You could earn $1-$2 for 1000 CAPTCHA. If you are good at typing, you earn a lot by typing captcha. What you have to do is that you have to read the images code and simply type. Your earnings depend on the speed of your typing. (This work is most suitable for those who can type 40+ words a minute). Most of the captcha providing websites pay beginners a lesser amount, but once you have become a master in captcha typing you will be paid a greater amount per each captcha. Your account may get suspended if you type captcha wrongly and they still consider you as a beginner. 
You need to sign up with the companies who provide captcha entry work, login and then type the correct captcha image.
There are many scam sites or people who ask for a registration fee. It is recommended not to join such sites, where they offer captcha typing job.

Names and some important information of few trusted captcha entry sites are listed below

1- Captcha Typers
Captcha Typers is a trusted website in providing captcha typing work. You could earn $0.8 - $1.5 per 1000 images typed. You can request for payout once you reach 2$. You could do captcha typing work at a rate of $0.8 from 9 am - 9 pm and at a rate of $1.5 from 9 pm - 9 am.

2 - Kolotibablo
Kolotibablo is a worldwide captcha entry job provider. Some top workers of Kolotibablo earn $100 - $200 a month. They pay $ 0.35 - $1 for every correct 1000 captcha that you type. You can start working as soon as signup and login to your account. You should have an account either in payza or WebMoney to receive payment. This website is strict and bands your account if you make mistakes continuously.

3- MegaTypers
MegaTypers is free to join (no registration fee) and it is one of the top captcha work providers. New members could earn $0.45 per 1000 word images type and experienced people could earn $1.5 per 1000 word image typed. Some experienced and top captcha typers makes a monthly income $100 to $250 (Rs. 6000 - 15,000).
Payment is done through Bank cheque, Debit Cards, PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza, WebMoney and Western Union. It is simple to earn from MegaTypers, but you need an invitation code to sign up.
 Try this invitation code "3QDI" or "8R23" and if this code does not work then you can search Google for some other invitation code.

It is similar to the captcha typing job providers listed above. Payment is done through Payza, PayPal, Western Union, etc.

 This is little different from the above-mentioned website. Download the latest version of their software from their website, signup and work through their software. It is free to download their software. There are many people who are earning a good income working on captcha2Cash. You can receive payment your payment by Payaza and Perfect Money. You are paid $1 for every 1000 captcha images you type.

To work on QlinkGroup you have to download their software. Actually, it is free to get admin for QlinkGroup, but there are so many fake sites offering admin for QlinkGroup and asking money for it.

As compared to the sites mentioned above, you could earn even more. Captcha2Cash pay $1 to their users in typing 1000 text from captcha images. Solve complicated captcha to receive bonus points along with regular earnings. You can also earn from referring people to 2captcha. You can start earning from 2captcha once you signup and login to their website.
  • When someone is coming into your referral link and registering to 2captcha service, their database creates a record that this user has come to the system from your referral.
  • You can see the list of your referrals from your 2captcha dashboard.
  • You can get 10% of your affiliate earning and 10% from a partner bought on the service. Referral earnings are not added instantly into your account; it is added into your account after a day.
  • Payment is done through PayPal, WebMoney, and Payza. Minimum cashout for PayPal is $5, Minimum for WebMoney is $0.5and for Payza it $1.

 VirtualBee provides captcha typing jobs and other data entry jobs also. It is one of the oldest company. It has been providing data entry jobs since 2001. Once you sign up, you will get a test for evaluation purpose. Test scores from 0 to 100 and you get works or task as per your score in the evaluation test.

Before start earning from FastTypers you have to verify your account, to get verified you have to send scanned copies of your  ID with photo and utility bills.
 (The registration is closed at present)