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11 ways to make money from home

It is quite awesome to make money from internet. Why not get paid from home doing online jobs without any investment?

There are millions of website that offers online jobs, but most of the websites ask us for investment or they may not be genuine.

So here we give some list of genuine online part time jobs which is most trusted and also high paying part time jobs most suitable for college students without any investment.

You can make money from internet with whatever skill you have

Before starting any online jobs you should know and aware of online data entry scam and quick rich scheme there is a junk of sites which is offering fake opportunities and cheating peoples you may have faced this issue in past. But here we are going to provide some genuine and trusted online jobs for college students where you can find and apply for legitimate online jobs for students without registration fees.

1-   Freelancing  
Freelancing let you to make money from the skills you to you. There are several legitimate freelancing companies, who hire a freelancer to do their jobs. You can find a wide variety of online part time jobs in such freelancing websites. Click here to know more about freelancing and freelancing websites

2- Article Writing

If you have  English knowledge and if you are able to write articles and content on various topic on which you have good knowledge like education, health, jobs, parenting, science, technology gadgets and many more then there is some article writing sites where you will be rewarded for write article check some trusted article writing sites below.

3:  Ptc Sites (Paid to click)

It is a way of getting money without any sort of skill. You will be paid for your every click, only necessary thing is that you should spend some time to get money. Click here to know more about PTC

4: Online Tutoring
If you have skill in teaching and coaching students in a specified topic, try these websites. 

5:  Paid Survey

Answer few questions to make money from home. You can participate in market survey, to make small amount of money from your leisure time. It is quite easy to participate in online surveys.  Click here to know more about paid surveys and survey panels where you can make earnings.

6: YouTube Channel 

It is known that YouTube  is the world no 1 video sharing website .You could get great earnings from YouTube by uploading videos. All you need is to create a YouTube channel and monetize it with Google AdSense click here to know more.

7:  Captcha

CAPTCHA entry job is the simplest work that you could do from home at your leisure time. You could earn around 200$ (Rs.10, 000) a month by working in your free time.
 You could earn $1 - $2 for 1000 CAPTCHA. Although earning is not very good but the job is simple.
Click here to know more Captcha typing jobs and some websites that provide captcha typing job.

8:  Affiliate jobs

Affiliate program is a way of promoting a market product and getting paid for your promotion. Register into their affiliation portal and get the product Banner or promotion link. Place this banners and product link in your blog or website or mobile App. You can earn 4 % to 16% commission from each sale that happened by clicking the promotion banners on your blog or website. You can also monetize clicks and sale done through your promotion banner through their affiliation web portal.
Click here to know more about affiliation program

9- Web Testing
Web Testing is not as simple as jobs  mentioned above, but web testing let you make a greater amount of income. In this job you will be given few websites, your job is to navigate through website and report potential bugs or errors that occurred while you were navigating through the website. Click here to know more about Web Testing
10- Designing
If you have good skill in composing images or creating videos, this is the right one for you. There are several logo designing or book cover editing or t-shirt designing jobs are available. If you are passionate about these creative works, you can spend some time designing to make extra money. Logo designing and intro video making jobs are highly paid jobs in this category.

11- Blogging
In this decade most of the people are interested in blogging. Why not make money from what you really do? Blogging is quite easy and it is a way of posting interesting stuff on internet. Simply blogging will not let you to make money. You have place ads to make money from your blogs. You can either monetize it with Google AdSense or through affiliate marketing. Try to start a blog with unique. Having a unique topic let you to increase traffic, Thus increasing your income.


Friday, August 9, 2019

Top URL shortner websites to make money

If you have some downloadable file and can gain traffic for it, this post is for you. A URL shortener is a simple tool that takes a long URL and turns it into whatever URL you would like it to be. Internet giants like twitter, google and Youtube uses URL shrinker to shorten long website links to a tiny version, making it user-friendly and convenient way.  So, How can we make money with Link shortener?

Making Money with Link Shortener

A URL shortener transforms a bulky link into a tiny version. Money making URL shrinker displays some ads before directing to actual websites. So, every time someone clicks your links you can generate revenue. Top  paying URL shrinkers are listed below


They pay for every legitimate visitor you bring to the link. have different payout rate for different countries. Still, you can make at least  $1.5 for every 1000 clicks. Furthermore, multiple views from the same viewer are also counted.

Earnings can be withdrawn through PayPal, Payeer or Payoneer. Payments are automatically forwarded to the user's account on the 1st and 15th of every month but only if earnings have reached a total of $5.00 or more. They also provide referral programs to boost earning. Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings!

2. Shrinkearn
Shrinkearn is a popular URL shortener. They have a different payout rate for different countries. Best URL shortener to make money (Earn up to $20 per 1000 views) and URL shortener that pays daily. Also, it is one of the highest paying URL shorteners of the year. It is most recommended for Indian Publishers, Shrinkearn provides withdrawals through UPI and bank transfer. All other publishers can withdraw earnings through PayPal, Payeer or Skrill.
  • Low minimum payout - $5.00
  • High CPM rates
  • 24 x 7 Customer support
  • 25% of Referral Earnings
  • Payment frequency : daily
  • Multiple views from the same viewer within 24 hours aren't  counted,
  • Must view website for at least 11 secs.
  • Views are only counted if the viewer have enabled cookies and javascript.

Linkvertise is the best link shortening website in Germany and other German speaking countries. A user can earn up to 60 per 1000 views. Linkvert do not show pop ads or layer ads still, they offer high price per views. Earning can be withdrawn everyday through PayPal, Bank wire, Amazon coupon, Payoneer or Paysafeguard for a threshold amount of 10. To assure high CPC they have strict policies and program directives.

Content Guidelines - Linkvertise should not be used to direct websites with inappropriate content
Prohibited content includes 
1. Adult contents - Nudity and pornographic images
2. Link to copyrighted materials - Movies, Music, TV shows, etc
3.Placement on shady websites - Hacking, Cracking
4. Dangerous or illegal content
5. Malicious and adware - Trojans, virus, Pop up. etc

 Source and Traffic Guidelines - Users should not use source like pay to click to generate traffic, and they are not suppose to click their own links to generate traffic. However a user can click one or two times to test and preview links.

What happens if you violate one of their guidelines?
- Account status will change. Your account will be flagged and banned if you continue o violate their policies . A user is restricted to have only one account and not allowed to open a new account once are banned from Linkvertise network.

It is exactly the same as Shrinkearn mentioned above. Payout rate, redemption everything is same as Shrinkearn .

5. AdShrink

AdShrink is a Denmark based company with 0.1 million registered users. They reward their publishers 80% of their advertising revenue and recognized as the most profitable link shortener. Shorten links can be placed on their websites, Facebook, YouTube or other forums. On clicking the links a visitor is directed to an advertisement page which can be skipped after watching the ads for 5 seconds. Any person can make money from AdShrink regardless of their Traffic size. Payout is done via PayPal and it is done automatically every month with a threshold of $10. Refer your friends and family to earn 20% of their earnings. Their website has some glitches and bugs and if u find any difficulties during registration or login switch to incognito mode (Control + Shift + N in Chrome browser). Some analytics tools in the websites are in beta state.  


Monday, May 20, 2019

Earn from affiliation program

Affiliation program is a way of promoting market products and services. It is one among the hottest online jobs in India,USA, UK and Canada due to rapid increase online shopping. Most of the e-commerce sites (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc) have opened their own affiliation web portal to get their products sold. All you have to do is that,

register into their affiliation program and promote their products by placing banners or product link in your website or blog. You can earn 2% to 10% commission from each sale that happened by clicking banners or links that  you  have promoted. The coolest thing is that some affiliates have 30 day cookies, which means that you get commision of sale, even if your reader didn't bought that particular item on clicking your link but bought 20 days later.

  Where do you Sign up to be an Affiliate ?

  • Amazon Affiliate  (This is a link to global website of Amazon's affiliate program, Choose your country from this links to sign into affiliation programs in your country ).  Commission rates are well explained in their website . Commission rates are different from one country to another. You can work on Amazon's affiliate program even with blogs that have few audience. An affiliate get wide variety of products to promote.

  • ShareASale ShareASale is an American based affiliate marketing network headquartered at River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. Through ShareASale a merchant can get his products promoted and sold and a marketing affiliate can earn by promoting products banner and links. ShareASale will not approve blogs with few audience. Once you are member  you can start applying to the program of different advertiser. ShareASale provide real time tracking.

  • LinkShare LinkShare is an affiliate network owned by Rakuten. It is pretty good enough to join LinkShare. LinkShare is a also a  leading affiliate marketing network provider.

  • eBay Partner Network    eBay provide affiliates with resources to monetize their  social pages, webpages, mobile apps and other online properties to drive high-quality traffic to eBay. eBay provides 200% referral bonus for new or reactivated customers. 

  • CJ Affiliate   Anyone can join CJ Affiliate network, but that doesnt mean you get products to promote . An Affiliate must individually apply for each advertiser that he wanted to work for. Commission rate of a sale will be different for each advertisers. Here are few highly paying advertisers that  help an affiliate  to make handsome earnings -  Ann Taylor, Gap, American Eagle, Free people, Banana Republic, Expedia, Old Navy, Trip advisor, LOFT,, Sears Zappos, Kmart
  • Reward Style  RwardStyle claims they are the only platform that monetizes and measure the influence of  content on a mass scale, across  social networking and owned websites , powering affiliate compensation that is in -step with true brand retail influence. RewardStyle provide end to end monetization. 
Other  affiliate networks

  • ClickBank
  • Affiliate Window
  • SkimLinks
  • PepperJam Exchange
  • VigLink
  • Escalate Media Affiliate Network
  • Avantage
  • Impact Radius
  • iTunes's affiliate program
  • Shopstyle collective
  • Bonus 
  • Flipkart Affiliate  Flipkart Affiliate program is only  for affiliates from India. Through Flipkart affiliate program , you can promote the products  that are sold in their website. Commission rate of each products changes every month and they will notify you the change in commision rate beginning of each month. 
  • Snapdeal Affiliate  Snapdeal Affiliate program is only  for affiliates from India. 
  • Jabong Affiliate  Jabong Affiliate program is also only for affiliates from India. Unfortunately it isn't working now.  

Advantages of monetizing website through e-commerce affiliation program over Adsense
Your website or blog need lots of content (excluding images, videos, etc) to get approved by Adsense to place ads in your web pages, whereas there is no such minimum requirement to place promotion banner in your web pages.
While monetizing through Adsense a click earns a maximum of 0.02$. In case of affiliation program offered by e-commerce sites you can a earn a maximum of 20% as commission once a product is sold through your promotion banner. That is , if a product worth 10 $ is sold you get 2$ as commission.
 Adsense suspend your account if there is any invalid click (invalid click means  clicks or impression that is artificially done by the publisher to increase his earning by inflating an advertiser's cost). E-commerce sites don't suspend your account for invalid click because selling their product is their major concern.

Advantages of monetizing website through Adsense over e-commerce affiliation program
E-commerce affiliation program pays you only if a sale is done through your affiliate link and not by mere clicks, Adsense pay you once if user click your promotion ads.Adsense crawls users cache and puts more relevant live ads on your website, that there is a great probability in getting clicks to the ads.


Get Paid to test website from home

It is a major struggle for a website owners, to make sure their website is easy to navigate and to make sure visitors can easily find the content they are looking for. Website owners seek help from certain companies to customize their website so as to make it easy to navigate through the site. Lots of people work for such companies from home to make good earnings. You too can works as a Website Tester from home to make money.

A Website Tester is one who analyses a website and give their suggestions for ease-of-use. To work as a Website Tester some companies may require you to install software, which will record your activity and crawl your cache files. Website tester is one of the highly paid online jobs. You should be able to speak and write English (communication language of the company) so as to communicate your ideas and opinion of website.

Few tips that will help you to earn more

  • Testing website gives you a greater amount in a short time as compared to other online jobs. But the works available in each company that you work for are limited. Consider web testing as a leisure time gig. It would be better if you register with more than one website testing company rather than relying on single agency.

  • While working on with different web testing agencies you may get same websites to test or you may get a website which you have already visited. In such cases pretend as if you are visiting the webpage for first time and speak or review the website as new user would do.

  •  In some cases you may have to interact with the website owner. Website owner may ask questions to get feedback, give him feedbacks so as to improve his websites . Don't shut up and continue to answer his questions. In case of online video calling don't stutter and continue to talk.

We have collected some websites for you, that provides you website testing job. These are highly paying and legitimate website sites. These websites may not work in certain country. Most of the websites specified below are specific (they work in certain country only

UserTesting - This company pays their website testers $10 cash for every 10-15 minutes they work on for testing website. Webcam isn't necessary to work for UserTesting.

WhatUsersDo -  At present people from France, Germany, Netherland, Sweden, United Kingdom and United states can work for WhatUersDo, However people from other countries can register with this company to get notified when this company open a web testing portal opens in their country. This company pays $8 or more, It depends upon the provided task. It takes around 15 -20 minutes to test a provided website. You need a microphone to work for WhatUsersDo. You need a PayPal account to receive payment. 

Amazonmechanical turk - Amazonmechanical turk is a workplace for website testing. This is owned by a American company Amazon. They allow participants from all country to register with them. You can make money by working on HITs (Human Intelligence Task). You can work from home, choose your own work hour and get paid for doing work. There are always 0.6 million HITs waiting for you to make money. If you are an experienced worker or mechanical turk master requester pay you additional grant of money (bonus) for your good works. Even though there are lots of work, the money you could earn from mechanical turk may be bit less than the other websites and companies on this list.

Userlytics - Userlytics is wide popular agency that recruit online website testers to test web pages and sites. They pay $10 for each test you complete, however there are some tests that offer more than $10.Anyone can join Userlytics and it is completely free. It take about 20 minutes to complete each test and from each test you can earn a minimum amount of $10, but the number of tests available on  a week are limited in Userlytics . They will notify you whenever a work is available through your registered e-mail. It is recommended to complete your profile to get more invitations . All payments are done through PayPal (it is not necessary that your login email id and your PayPal account id should be the same ). Money is rewarded only when the client reviews and approves your test.
To work on with Userlytics you need -

  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Windows 7 or above (windows users)
  • MacOs 10.7.3 or newer
  • Recent version of java. (click here to download latest version of java)
User Test
User Test is also web testing company. Your review will be used to improve quality of websites. It is a legitimate website and User test pays their users in 2 days, but only 5% of their applicants are selected. They have users from 2,479 cities. User Test accept people from all around the world. It is quite difficult to join into User Test. To join into User Test you need to complete a sample test. To complete the test you need to download their software from Their software capture you screen while you are doing sample test. Make sure to  read the task properly, complete it and your review. once your account is approved you will get e-mails whenever a task is available. On an average they pay $10 for a 20 minute web testing. Once your test is approved you will receive payment in 2 days into your PayPal account.

  • Microphone
  • Laptop/desktop
  • PayPal account

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Friday, March 29, 2019


Ipanel Online is one of the earliest survey providers in China , founded in 2004. Now it is dominating Asia and have panel websites across the world. They are Market researchers seeking survey takers to share their insights and opinions on electronics, beauty products, travels, parenting, automobiles, etc.

Earning and redemption strategies are different in different country's panel site. Ipanel provides its users , the most suitable survey.  You can choose your country's panel site from Ipanel home page and start doing survey.You can also earn from referral that you introduce to Bonus points are rewarded for referral activities. Even if you are screened out of the  survey  ,you will get participation points. You can  redeem your earning through PayPal . Minimum points required for payout varies from country. 

Home website

Choose your country from panel list and start doing surveys to make some extra money

Country - They have panels in most of the countries

Payout - PayPal, Gifties, Sweepstakes.

Real cash - Can be redeemed through PayPal.

Minimum Payout

PayPal - varies according to country

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

7 ways to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube easily

How am I gonna make money on YouTube? Youtube is horrible. My channel is screwed with changes. These are the outcries from YouTube community concerning about new requirements for YouTube monetization.
In this post, you will learn the pros and cons of enabling YouTube monetization on your YouTube channel and discover 7 ways to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube easily.


  • Generate revenue from Adsense
  • Link to associated websites from cards and end screams
  • Super Chat
  • Sponsorships (for gamers)

So what are the new requirements to enable monetization on your YouTube channel for 2018?
According to YouTube once a channel reaches 4000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers it will be reviewed to join the YouTube partner program.

What if your channel is currently in the YouTube Partner program? Your channel will automatically remain in YouTube partner program as long as you stay in their requirements. If your channel is below the requirements, It will be removed from the partner program.

Cons of monetization
  • Unable to monetize your video using Adsense ads
  • No longer link cards and end screens to associated websites.  However, you will be still able to videos and playlist. Also, the previous links that developed to your channel will remain there even though you are not in the Youtube partner program
  • No super chat
  • No sponsorship
Here are 7 ways to get 4000watch hours on YouTube easily

1. Trends

If there is a trending topic in your list, jump on it right away and discuss it in your video. Stand out of the crowd, gaming and blogging YouTube videos are already done. The YouTube audience is looking for something new, exciting. Can you deliver such things? Use websites like Google trends to find new trends.

2. Live Streaming
People spend more time on your live video than on regular video because there is a live interaction going on streaming. It is a great way to accumulate watch time hours.

Change your perspective – you need 4000 watch hours which means 240,00 minutes or 14,400,000 sec.
If you have lots of subscribers, going on live will grab the attention of your viewers. They would at least check your live video to know what you are revealing now. 

3. Collaboration
It is the greatest way to expose your content to a different audience as you get more collaboration you will expand your audience, attract more subscription and generate more watch hours.

4. Increase Upload Frequency
More frequently you upload new videos the new watch time hours and subscription you will attract.
For example, if you uploading only one video a week,  you are not going to attract new subscribers or accumulate watch time hours. However, if you increase the frequency to 2 or 3 times a week, you are getting more subscribers and accumulating more watch hour.

5. Increase audience retention
It is the amount of time viewers remain engaged on your video.  The longer your audience stay more watch time you get. Check the current audience retention for your videos by going to YouTube analytics. If your audience retention is below 50% then work on it and improve it.

So How do you increase audience retention?
Grab viewers’ attention in the first 10 seconds of the video, you can do this by asking a question or stating clearly what your video is all about. The rest of your video should reinforce what you introduced at the beginning. Also, make sure you reset the attention of the viewers every 10 seconds and ask them to subscribe the video at the beginning or end or in the video which helps you to increase subscription.

6. Playlists 
The playlist is that it contains a series of videos, so people may watch a series of your videos. If you have a playlist and someone watches your video other videos in your playlist comes in their recommendation list. When people watch your videos in succession you gain more watch hours. Pin playlist or give a link in the description.

7. Adword for a video campaign
You can promote your videos at six cents per video. You can get more watch hours by doing a campaign at Adwords.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Earn from PTC sites

You may have heard stories of people making a huge income from the internet by clicking ads. To be frank that isn't true. You cannot be a millionaire by clicking ads on the internet however, you can make a small amount of money within a short span of time.  PTC is actually a middleman between advertisers and consumers. Paid to click is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn from home. Consumers will be paid for their every click to increase website traffic via PTC sites. Ads are limited that a user can work for only 20 minutes. Most of the PTC sites offer referral earning, having a good referral support enables you to better income.
But there is plenty of fake websites which bluff you off. They offer money, but they will not payout.T hey show payout proof but still, you don't get money in your hand.

Here we shall tell some tips to check whether the PTC site is fake

  • Usually, PTC sites offering 2$ or more for your single click are fake. Just imagine if you are paid 2$ for the single click you can be a millionaire within a day. If so you will b richer than those PTC sites. It is recommended not to join such PTC sites.
  •  PTC sites with minimum cashout of a higher amount (1000$ and more) are generally fake. We waste our lots of time clicking links, but finally when we reach minimum cashout amount they bluff us. We recommend you not to join such sites. It may be better if you join PTC websites with a lesser amount of minimum cash out.
 Here we recommend some most trusted PTC website which is most suitable for college students and others wishing to make money home by sitting at.


NeoBux is the largest PTC websites with millions of users. NeoBux promotes direct and rental referral earnings. It is a widely popular PTC website in the US, Canada and USA. NeoBux offers $0.02 per click. NeoBux has more advertisement network as compared to other PTC sites. A user gets 10 to 20 (beginners) ads in their panel, after clicking all ads a user login again after 2 hours to get more ads in his panel. Beginners find it difficult to earn from NeoBux, as they feel ads are limited. Once you become a golden member you may feel this is the easiest way to make an income from the internet. The best and easiest way to make money is through rental referral. Using rental referral a golden member can earn $30 - $40 per day. Earnings can be redeemed through PayPal, Payza, NETELLER or through Skrill. Your account will be suspended if it is not active for 2 months. You will lose all your earnings and referral when your account is suspended.

3. is a good way to earn by clicking ads.You need a PayPal account to earn from  You can also earn from your referral's click, but you have to click minimum 4 links daily to earn from  from your referral daily. Your referral earning will be added to your account in a delay  of one day after their click, but it will be added to your account only if you clicked 4 links previous day . Your account will be suspended if it is inactive for 15 days. If your account is inactive for 15 days. If your account is inactive for 15 days , all your referrals will be deleted from your account.And still if your account is inactive for 30 days , all your earning will be lost. All the payment in are done through
Paidverts is a PTC website, even though it is a new website it has gained wide popularity. Paidverts also pays for playing some short games in their website. Paidverts provide paid ads and BAP ads, clicking paid ads increase your earning ,but clicking BAP ads increase the number paid ads. You get more paid ads in clicking BAP ads. If your account is in inactive state you have to click BAP ads to make it active to receive paid ads. You can use your earnings in Paidverts account to advertise banners or affiliate link or promote your website or blog (if you have any). Earnings can be redeemed  through Payza, Perfect Money, Solid Trust pay, Bitcoins, Neteller Go, OKPay, Payeer and AdvCash.
  •  Check for paid ads and see all the ads after viewing all BAP ads.
  • You can increase your income by referring people to paidverts.


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Earn from YouTube

You might have heard the stories of people making a regular income from YouTube. It is true that some people make thousands of dollar from YouTube. You too can get a regular income from YouTube, but there certain things which you have to do to earn from money. If you have a strong subscriber base you can easily get thousands of dollar from YouTube. In this post, we will help you to set up a YouTube channel, gain subscribers and to earn thousands of dollar.

1- Build your YouTube channel
To build up a YouTube channel first you need a google account, with your Google account you can access Google products.
You can directly upload videos into your YouTube account, But it is better to create a YouTube channel and upload videos into it.

click on to the creator studio
Once you have created a channel you can upload videos into your channel. YouTube let you create 50 channels for a single Google account. It is better to create different channels for different types of video rather than uploading all your captured into single YouTube channel.
  • Capture some good videos (videos can be of tutorials, related to gaming or health and fitness or any video that suits you better).
  • While uploading videos onto YouTube do not upload copyrighted articles. You can't earn from copyrighted articles.
  • Try to upload useful and relevant videos.

Monetize your video
In order to make earnings, you have to monetize your videos with Adsense. You can place Adsense ads in your video to increase your earnings. Uploading videos on YouTube isn't a creative outlet for millions of creators. Most of the creators are making living on YouTube. Today, there are lots of fraud people who try to re-upload original content to earn revenue from it. To solution to the above-mentioned problem they have introduced an easy option for anyone to report an impersonating channel and they have announced that a channel cannot be applied for YouTube partner program until the channel reaches a threshold of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.  After a creator hits a threshold of views they will review your channel against their policies. It is quite easy to attain 10,000 views if you follow their policies. Your AdSense account will be banned if you intend to upload copyright content after getting approved to place ads on your channel. It is permissible to upload videos with copyright content if you do not monetise them to make money.  "$" sign will be visible next to the video in video manager for those videos that are eligible for monetisation. Share videos in some other social networking websites to increase audience and earnings. You can watch your performance through analytics in channel dashboard.

let's see how to create multiple YouTube channel from a single Google account.

YouTube scan for copyright content in all videos that are being uploaded into them. Videos can be reuploaded after making some changes like changing its frame size, video and audio resolution to make money Since YouTube crawler cannot detect the similarities of such edited videos with the original content. However, a channel will be flagged when the real creator claims the ownership of the content used in a re-uploaded video. A channel can also be flagged for using copyrighted content when some other users report for fraudulent activity.

How to get subscribers?

creator's community
These are groups of mutually helping YouTube creators. Most of these groups use subs 4 subs strategy. Post your video link get likes, subscribers and watch time. In turn, give them the same. Click here for Whatsapp and Facebook groups to be a part of this community.

Paid subscribers
There are several websites those offers paid subscribers, likes and watch time. Some of these websites also have mutual beneficiary programs, in which they ask you to subscribe to certain YouTube channels, in turn, they would get subscribers for your channel (Maybe 1 subscriber for 10 channels you subscribe). Click here to know more.

Also read this 7 ways to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube easily

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